Saturday, May 5, 2007

Friday, May 5th

We went out around 11:00 am to have brunch, but most of the places have closed for breakfast, and has not started serving lunch. so we some bought chocolate croissant, almond date pie, quiche, tomatos, and almond oil stick for breakfast, which we ate in our room with some very expensive hotel coffee.

We were able to take the bus to the Luvure. Louvre is much larger than we ever imagined. It seems to stretch several city blocks. We were too lazy to navigate the museum using the map, so we just wondered around for a while. We saw Mona Lisa, the statue of Venus, etc. Most of the painting are old fashioned oil painting, which is not quite our style. The ground is rather grand and amazing. The ceilings are normally several stories high and with very ornate paintings or statues as decoration. We only spent a couple of hours there and got out.

Next stop is something Mei is really interested in - the Musee of O'Orsay. We went straight to the fifth floor where it has post-impressionalism paintings on display. We saw many famous work from famous artists - Vangouh, Monet, Sisley, Pasarrio, Renior, Degas. The work are just amazing and beautiful to see in person. The 2nd floor has pieces from Rodin and other artists who have the style of realism, naturalism, etc. We saw many great portraits. To our amazment, we could not find one single portrait that shows a smile. We figured that there is a reason those smily shots are called "Mom shots" - only moms like them.

After getting terribly lost in the city again, we finally arrive at the St. Lazare again - our favorite restaruant serving authentic frech cusine. The food is incredible - from raw mussels, duck foil
gas, to fish frassion and Tirmersu, the dinnder could not be better.

It was pour down rain after the dinner. Fortunately the bus 94 was right in front of the restaurant, which took us straight to the hotel.

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