Friday, May 4, 2007

Thursday, May 4th

We started the day with a proper breakfast at a nearby restaurant. Unfortunately, the food is quite a disappointment again! The food is expensive and not so good.

While we were waiting for the room, we went out and bought three day multi-pass for the metro and the bus for $37 total.

We went out to get lunch at one of the restaurants recommended by a tourist book. After getting quite lost finding it, we found out the restaunrant is no longer there. We went to a Thai restaurant that we passed by when we were lost, and it turned out to be a very nice three course meal.

We went to find Notre Dame, but got lost and visited the outside of the Army Musemum. From there, we struggled thru buses and metro and finally arrive at Notre Dame. The church is vast and breath takingly beautiful. The mass was going on while we were touring the place. The singers' perfectly beautiful voice ring in the hall, and reminded me the blue alien Diva in "The Fifth Element".

Flash and tri-pod are not allowed in the building. We could not get the wide angle pictures we wanted, so it just has to stay in our memories.

We then decided to photograph the gate of triumph. Again, we got lost in the way, and saw a nice busy place may have good food. After comparing several menus, we decided to try this French
restraunt that has been there since 1897. It can't be too bad if it has been there for that long time. The waiters were not happy when we told them we wanted to share a three course meal. The service was slow and the waiter were arrogant if not rude. However, the escargo was fantastic. The duck and the flamed alaska were not great, but they weren't bad. It was the best food we had since we came to Paris.

We finally arrive the Arc DeTriomphe thru metro. By this time, we knew our way around pretty well. We took some night photograph of the gate. It is majestic beyond our imagination. The gate was on the street of Champs De Elysees, which is once the most beautiful street in the world. We look around the shops, but most of them started to close since it is 11:00 pm. The McDonald is
quite busy still with people in and out of the restraunt. The decor is quite chic compare to the McDonalds in the states.

We found out later the souvenirs in the stores off the street are pricy. You can buy the same items elsewhere for much less.

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